I introduce to you, our beautiful boy:

Dutch Champion
Luxemburg Champion
International Champion
#1 PBGV 2006

Brevet de Chasse
Sv, passed the shooting test

8-7-2003 — 30-11-2009

Too young, too soon, and so unfair…
Monday 30 November 2009 we had to say goodbye to our wonderful boy.
We could never thought that he wouldn’t be there anymore at the age of just 6 years old.

Our joy, our hunting buddy, our friend.
A very strong and beautiful bond.
So much experienced together, but there was still so much to discover together.
Our grief is enormous, we miss him so much.
Words can’t describe our feelings.
Dear Diesel, we love you and will never forget you.


With much pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye to our boy.
Together with Idéale they looked like a married couple. He’s very playful and likes everyone and everything.
Diesel is a real hunter: when he smells something, he suddenly doesn’t hear anything anymore…. Together with my parents he loved the hunting, and also passed it. He got his Brevet de Chasse in 2008 in Belgium. That’s excellent work, because getting a B.C. in Belgium is much harder than getting one in France! He was really good at it!!


Looks like a postcard 🙂

What a lovely head!

Idéale, I give up!

But sometimes he can also be completely relaxed!

Look, if Idéale doesn’t want to play, than I have always this good buddy!


Diesel is on watch in the garden of our previous house. He likes it to be there on peak hour!

Again that head…

Little acrobat, attention!

And there they go….Idéale first….

But, unfortunately for Idéale, Diesel is the fastest one!

Diesel and me, the winter of 2005..

…and the spring of 2005.

Puppy pictures

Together with his 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Diesel is the second one from the right!

Mother Passie is a sweetheart!

Diesel is easy to recognize… 🙂

I always get the worst….

The luxury life of a pup: eating…..

….and sleeping….
(Diesel is the left one)

….and again eating….

….and again sleeping….

….and ofcourse playing too!….

Pics made by Ron Damman. Thank you!

Diesel with 6 weeks, together with my father.

Look what a lovely little boy of 9 weeks old!

Isn’t he strong!




Diesel was my mother’s dog, but I went to shows with him. And definitely not without success!

In a short time and with a lot of competition, Diesel gained his Dutch Champion title in 2006.

Number 1 PBGV of the Netherlands in 2006.

In spring of 2007 he became Luxemburg Champion.

He won Best Male at the clubshow of the Dutch Griffon Vendéen Club in 2007.

In March 2008 Diesel achieves his official working certificate, a Brevet de Chasse, in Belgium. As he had already
enough points at the shows, it made him International Champion.

Besides this all, he got a lot of BOB on national and international shows.

In 2006 he wins twice the brace class, once with his mother at the clubshow, and once with his half-sister at the
int. show in Rotterdam.

In overall, great results, while we in the first place didn’t choose him to show with! We were looking for a fun
and lovely pet. When he was older he seemed to have show quality. I wanted to know what a real breed judge would say
about him, at his first show he beated 3 champions, the ‘show madness’ followed and you know the results by now.
Here are a few pics!

I believe in you….

Diesel before the hotel in Luxemburg, at the day he became Luxemburg Champion


Queldring’s Ici et Maintenant WW ’95
Kamp. Hans du Camp des Garrigues
Int. Kamp. & Lux. Kamp. Boy de la Baracine
Diane des Vallees de Fontchristine
Kamp. Queldring’s Face à Face Faun
Nl. Kamp & Deens Kamp. Bu Bu vom Esculap
Basilia des Barbus d’Entre Lac
Queldring’s pas de Problème Passié BC
Kamp. Grand Prix Du Greffier du Roi JW’98 WW’99-’01
Magic des Rives de la Garonne DKK
Kamp. Autre Chose Du Greffier du Roi
Queldring’s Nouveau-Né Noblesse
Queldring’s Jou-Jou Jottem
Lobke Bon Touché

Diesel and his mother Passie, who won the brace class at the Dutch Clubshow 2006!

This is Ici, Diesel’s father!

Diesel (r) and his half-sister Fien (they have the same mother, Passie).
Aren’t they lovely?