Christmas 2014

We all at LE MOUV’ PBGV’s wishes you….

X-mas dogshow CAC/CACIB at Cuijk (NL)
21 December 2014

Already the latest show of a wonderful 2014! The show took place at Cuijk (NL), the X-Mas dogshow. Judge was mr. John Wauben (NL).

Legend’s very first time in open class (he is just 15 months): Best Male – CAC/CACIB – BEST OF BREED!!!!
Puzzle: Best Bitch – CAC/CACIB!!

Woohooo!! We are looking forward to the new year! Merry X-Mas and Happy New year to you all!

Legend wins BOB!

In Memoriam: goodbye beautiful, sweet Idéale….
10 October 2014

Idéale 26/11/2000 – 10/10/2014

We sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved Idéale. Our one and only GBGV. She came to us at the age of 3,5 yrs and we were lucky to have her in our lives. She was always present with her beautiful bark and pretty smile on her face.
She teached us people, and also all the PBGVs many life lessons.
The emptiness she left is heart breaking. We are devastated.

When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change,
Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while,
Cause girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.

Goodbye sweet, sweet Idéale. Now you are with Diesel again. A very big hug to you both.. We miss you… Until we meet again…


Update on a lot of shows!
May – October 2014

As I am far behind with updating the English page, I will give you a short update with a few pictures of the results of our dogs from May until October of 2014!

In May we had the double specialty event In Germany of the German breed club. It was an amazing weekend for us!! Judges these days were Mr. Wauben (NL) and Mr. Seibel(GER). First day there were 27 entries and 2nd day 24 entries.

First day Junior won BEST OF BREED and the title of Jubilee Winner 2014.
His sister Puzzle won the openclass bitches with CAC. Legend won Best Puppy of Breed and RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!

The 2nd day results were a bit opposite…Puzzle won now BEST OF BREED and the title of Club Winner 2014!! Junior was Best Male with CAC and Legend again Best Puppy of Breed, and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!

Junior wins the first day BOB!

My cuddle, Junior!

Sister Puzzle wins the 2nd day BOB!

Puzzle on the mouvvv!

Puzzle & Junior, thnx Kirsi for helping!

Baby Legend having fun in the ring

Week after this fab weekend, we had the specialty in the Netherlands organized by the BGV Club Nederland in June. Again my 3 youngsters entered, this time mrs. Gerber (NL) was our judge.
Junior wins again BEST MALE! Puzzle got 2 EXC open class bitches and little Legend won BEST PUPPY OF BREED and RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!

In June we also had the specialty organized by the Club du Griffon Vendéen des Pays-Bas. 28 entries and the judge was mr. Wellens (NL)
And it’s unbelievable…Junior wins again BEST MALE!! This means, he attented 4 specialty shows this summer and every time he was unbeatable in the males!!! And that at a very young age of just 19 months!!!
Legend won the junior class with JCAC, Puzzle 2EXC out of a very big entry in the open class females, and Paddy 3EXC champion class bitches.
Another super show for our dogs!!

Junior again BEST MALE!

Proud of my boy!

Then we had an international dogshow at the neighbours, at Genk (Belgium) end of June.
Paddy (Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy) won this time CAC/CACIB, BEST OF BREED & 4th BEST OF GROUP!!!!!
Junior (Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid) won CAC/CACIB – Best Male!
Judges were Mr. Cox (IR) and Mrs. Radziuk (BEL).

At the international show ‘Golden Dog Trophy’ at Liège (Belgium) Paddy could finish it all by winning CAC/CACIB – Best Bitch – Golden Winster 2014 and BELGIUM SHOW CHAMPION!!!! Championtitle number 6 for our American princess!
Junior won CAC/CACIB – BEST OF BREED & 3rd BEST OF GROUP!!!! Judges were mr. Peper (GER) and mrs. de Ridder-Onghena (Belgium)

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy: American – Dutch – German – Luxembourg – International Show – Belgian Show CHAMPION!!!

In the meantime in the USA Paddy’s daughter, sired by the beautiful ‘Around No Problems’ – Magnum, became at the very young age of 9 months already AMERICAN CHAMPION!!!!! WOWWWW!!!! We are so very PROUD and HAPPY!!!
She is not only very young, but also got the title under huge competition and in only 4 major wins! Plus this makes Maggie our first own bred American Champion!
Thank you so much Jan & Ross, for all your hard work with her!!!!

Maggie in March at the age of 6 months; Le Mouv’ Mirepoix’s All About My Mother

Maggie being spoiled at the hotel!

Then we arrive already in August, our holidays took us to the double international dogshow at Bornholm (Denmark). A beautiful island where we truly enjoyed ourselves….but what is a holiday without a dogshow?!

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy keeps on rockin’ and may add the title of DANISH SHOW CHAMPION to her long list!!!!!Wowiiiieeee!!!! She wins the title in style by winning BEST BITCH both days with CERT/CACIB. I’m sooooo proud of our little girlie, what a results and always showing her heart out!
Again, many thanks Jan & Ross for this beautiful princess! Can’t thank you enough! And of course congratulations to you too!
Junior won also the CERT/RCACIB, what means that his Danish Show Champion title is on hold, and he will get it when he is old enough!

Holiday time! F.l.t.r. Paddy, Legend & Junior, a few meters from the cottage where we stayed. Legend was just with us for fun without being shown.

Legend meets his nephew Clay 🙂

Paddy, the little show girl!

Big kiss for my sweet and beautiful princess! 7 CHAMPION TITLES!

Weekend after I went to the CAC/CACIB Show at Leipzig (Germany). 14 PBGV’s entered, judge was mr. Krol (Poland).
Junior wins CAC/CACIB & BEST OF BREED and sister Puzzle CAC/CACIB – BEST BITCH!!! Legend wins JCAC – BEST JUNIOR OF BREED!
In the ring of honour….JUNIOR WINS BEST OF GROUP!!!!!!! (2600 dogs entered) WOWWWW!!!
Groupjudge was mrs. Kavcic (SLO). Many thanks!!
Probably needless to say….but I am so proud and so excited with them all 3!
Not even 2 years old and Junior won at all breed shows several groups and groupplacements, and also doing really well on specialty shows with winning Best Male every time!

Junior winning Best Male

and Puzzle winning Best Bitch!

Line-up for Best of Breed competition, 3 of the 4 dogs are ours!
Best veteran in front, followed by Legend as Best Junior, then Junior as Best Male and Puzzle as Best Bitch!
Thank you Ursula & Anneke for helping!!

Junior BEST OF GROUP! :-)))

Then we needed some rest…. 🙂 and had our next show in October. It was the Bundessieger Show and International Show at Dortmund!
Judges these days were mr. Seibel (GER) and mr. Pinto Teixeira (P).
Legend wins both days BEST JUNIOR OF BREED, and the titles Bundesjugendsieger ’14 – Herbsjugendsieger ’14 – plus….
Junior wins both days CAC/RCACIB and Puzzle was only entered the first day, and she also wins CAC/RCACIB!

Proud Lego!

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend – 13 months and brand new German Junior Champion!

Many thanks to all friends for supporting and so many fun times at the dog shows! Thank you to the judges for appreciating our dogs! We are looking forward to our upcoming shows!!

CAC/CACIB Show Lingen
26 April 2014

26 April was the international show at Lingen (Germany). Almost a home show for us, as Lingen is just across the border. For the show I had only Junior entered, and he became pretty busy on his own….

Junior wins Best Junior of Breed – JCAC – and Best of Breed!!! This makes him brand new GERMAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!!

It means that he had to go back twice in the ring of honour…
First he wins the Junior Group and in the finals he became 3th BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW!!

He continues in the adult group…and wins BEST OF GROUP!!!!
There were 2300 dogs entered.

Wowowowww!!! What a wonderful results of my pretty boy! And what a way to end junior class…!
Breedjudge was mr. Boelaars (NL), groupjudge mr. Curcic (SRB) and BJISjudge mr. Machetanz (D).

3th Best Junior in Show!

And Best of Group!!!

CAC/CACIB Show Antwerpen
12 April 2014

At the international show at Antwerpen Paddy wins Paddy CAC/CACIB and Best Bitch!
Junior wins CAC/CACIB, Best Male and BOB!
Judge was Mr. Delmar (IE).
Later Junior was also selected in the group!!
Thanks Yvet for the fun we had and the beautiful pics!


Princess Paddy

Kiss for my sweet boy!

What a handsome couple!

CAC and CACIB Show Berlin
29 and 30 March 2014

Together with Junior and Après I have been to the double show at Berlin.
Après was only the first day entered, she only needed 1 more point….and yes, she did it…
Après wins Best Bitch – CAC – and became brand new GERMAN CHAMPION!!!
She enjoyed it a lot to be in the ring again and was wagging her tail all the time!
Her son Junior was entered both days, and both days he won – JCAC – Best Male – Best of Breed,
and he was also shortlisted in a very big group on saturday!!
I’m so proud of mother and son!!
Judges were Mr. Machetanz (D) and Mrs. Mach (CH).

❤ Junior & Après ❤

Junior wins BOB both days! Thank you Eunika Pastuzek for the picture!

Junior and Après had both to be in the ring on saturday for BOB…Thank you Tina Romeis for your help with showing Après!


Crufts: ‘World’s Biggest Dog Show’
7 March 2014

Friday 7 March we have been to Crufts for the first time. A show I always would like to attend,
and now we finally did….
Judge was Mr. Ellrich (UK). There were more than 90 PBGV’s entered!

American/Dutch/German/Luxemburg/International Show Champion Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy

Dutch Junior Champion Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid JW’13 W’13
1st Special Junior Class!!!!

I’m SO proud of Paddy & Junior!!! This all wouldn’t have been possible without
fantastic teamwork and cherised friendships….Thank you so much Jan, Sirkka, Sirpa & Ulrike!!
And of course a big thanks to the best parents in the world, who were sitting the other dogs at home!

Paddy wins RES. BEST BITCH – RCC!!! PROUD!!!!

My beautiful girl ❤

Proud Paddy 🙂

Paddy RES. BEST BITCH…wow!!

And there comes Junior…!

Who’s behind there?

Junior wins 1st Special Junior Class!

So happy with my boy!

Junior in the Best Male line-up…

…and the other side of the Best Male line-up.


Dog of the Year Show 2013
23 February 2014

Sunday 23 February 2014 Junior was invited for the prestigious Dog of the Year Show 2013.
You have to be qualified to participate in this show. Junior is born end of 2012 and already qualified
For the Dog of the Year Show 2013….He was the youngest participant in group 6!!!
Only 15 months old….I’m so excited about my boy!!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid – “Junior”…he knows how to mouvvv! 🙂

Such a beautiful head..!!

Junior took a seat to join us watching!

Pics are made by Yvette Poelman and Kynoweb, thank you so much!

Hunting test at Grathem 2014
10 January 2014

Friday 10 January my parents went with Après and her son Simba, who lives with my parents,
to the official hunting test at Grathem (The Netherlands). Judges were Mr. Feijen (NL) Mr. Gillis (B).
It was for Après the 3rd time she attented a hunting test, and for the 3rd time….

Après achieves a BREVET DE CHASSE!!!!
(official hunting brevet for the Petit Basset)

This time she got 115 points!! What a wonderful achievement of Après and my parents, Geert and Karin,
who are always with her for the hunting tests!
It was Simba’s very first time….not even 14 months old. He sure showed how talented young boy he is,
this time not a BC, but so very much promising for the future!!!

I’m so proud of them both and of course my parents, who train them, attend the hunting tests
with them and who do so well with them in the fields! THANK YOU mom and dad!!!

Après & Simba, mother and son, are looking forward to enter the fields!

Just a little patient…

And there they go, trough the dense brambles.

For human and dog it’s difficult to go trough!

Après did it again…3x a test and 3x a Brevet de Chasse! What a super girl!

Pics made by Erwin Meijerink, thank you!