Sid and Après got puppies!
15 November 2012

There are 5 males and 1 female born on 15 November 2012. Click here to go to the puppy page.

International show Leuven (B) 2012
28 October 2012

Sunday 28 October I’ve been with Paddy to the southern neighbours,
to the international show in Leuven, Belgium. Judge was Mr. Wellens (NL).

Paddy won 1EXC / Best Bitch / CAC-CACIB / Best of Breed!!!
With that she already won her 5th champion title, because she’s now also

Paddy achieved 2 new champion titles in only 1 month, because
end of September she also became Dutch Champion!
Paddy is now American, Luxemburg, German, Dutch ánd International Show Champion.

WOW!!! She’s such a beautiful Petit girl! We are so proud of our little white princess!

Unfortunately the pictures at the show were very hazy, so we took a picture after the show at home.

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy: American, Luxemburg, German, Dutch and International Show Champion!

International show Maastricht (NL) 2012
30 September 2012

Last Sunday we went to the south of the Netherlands with Paddy,
to the international show at Maastricht. My dad also joined us, so much fun!
And also the results are super! Judge was mrs. Kerssemeijer (NL).

Paddy won 1EXC / Best Bitch / CAC-CACIB!!!
That makes her, besides American, Luxemburg and German Champion, now also

Paddy is very limited shown in the Netherlands. She went to 5 shows,
(4 cac/cacib shows and 1 cac show) and she won in total:
4 CAC’s, 4 CACIB’s and 1 RCAC! She’s really a topper!!!

We are so happy with our little princess!!! Thank you so much Jan & Ross!!!

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy: American, Luxemburg, German & Dutch Champion!

And this is how our dogs spend the most of their time….many walks and having lots of fun!


National show Alkmaar (NL)
9 September 2012

Last sunday Paddy and I have been to the show in Alkmaar (NL).
Paddy won 1EXC / Best Bitch / CAC / BEST OF BREED!!!
Judge was Mr. John Wauben (NL).

Paddy wins BOB!

Paddy my teddy 🙂


Clubshow Club du Griffon Vendéen des Pays-Bas 2012
17 June 2012

Because of my graduation I didn’t had the time to update the website.
Therefore it’s already a while ago, but we had our annual Dutch specialty of the Club du Griffon
Vendéen des Pays-Bas on 17 June 2012. Judge was Mr. Paul Sanders (NL) and I had entered Après in the working class. She won with 1EXC and thus she was actually also the best working dog of the breed!

Pretje has always so much fun!

Walking up and down…

And she got 1st place!

I’m very proud of my naughty girl!

International show Offenburg (D)
10 March 2012

Saturday 10 March we’ve been to the international show at Offenburg (Germany).
There were 5 PBGVs entered. Judge was Mr. Christensen (DK).

Après was also entered and had as normally lots of fun.
She wins the openclass with 1EXC – Reserve Best Bitch – CAC/r.CACIB!

Paddy wins 1EXC championclass, Best Bitch – CAC/CACIB – Best of Breed!!
She’s now GERMAN CHAMPION!!!!!!

Always when Paddy has been shown in Germany she wons the CAC and she had already enough points for the German Championship, but there must be 1 year between the first and last CAC. Therefore, this was her first chance to become German Champion and she did it!!

Then Paddy had to go in the group, which was judged by Mrs. Clerc (CH).
And, on top of her new title:
Paddy wins RESERVE BEST OF GROUP!!!(2800 dogs)

WOW!!!!! What a weekend!! I am so proud of both girls!!

Après is in the mood…

…and has as always lots of fun!

But, she’s also still good at the serious work!!

Paddy becomes German Champion and wins BOB!!

And therefore she may go in the ring of honour…

…where she wins GROUP 2!!

The day after the show we have made a wonderful walk in the beautiful
nature of South-Germany. Here some pictures from the ‘Schwarz Wald’!

Paddy the day after, stretching her legs!

The girls had lots of fun!!

Look there, what a handsome couple!


Keep on smiling 🙂

International show Groningen
4 March 2012

Sunday 4 March we’ve been to the international show at Groningen (NL).
This was Paddy’s 3rd Dutch show. Judge was Mr. Freer (UK).
Paddy wins the championclass with 1EXC, and becomes reserve Best Bitch – RCAC – full CACIB.
Out of 3 shows in the Netherlands she has already 2 CAC’s, 1 RCAC and 3 CACIB’s!!!
I’m really proud of my little white princess!!!

Paddy stacked

And a wink to the camera!

Champions of Champions show
26 February 2012

Sunday 26 February we’ve been to the Champions of Champions show.
Not everybody may take part in this show: only dogs who were placed in the group at a CAC/CACIB show or dogs who became clubwinner.
Paddy has only been showed 2 times in the Netherlands in 2011, and on 1 of these shows she won Best of Group. Therefore she was also invited to this prestigious show.
It has been an honour to walk on the catwalk between all the topdogs.
Here some pictures of our little topper!

Paddy being judged by judge Mrs. Horsten (NL).

On the catwalk!!!

What a cutie!

Step by step 🙂