Christmas 2011

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!

International show at Bleiswijk
5 and 6 November 2011

At Saturday 5 November we went to the international dogshow at Bleiswijk (NL).
I had only Paddy entered. She did a splendid job…!
Paddy won 1EXC championclass bitches – Best Bitch – CAC/CACIB – Best of Breed!! (8 PBGVs entered)
And as if that wasn’t enough……

she also won BEST OF GROUP!!!!!!!

What an amazing result!!!! Judge for the breed and group was Mrs. Lochs-Romans (NL).
She thought Paddy was “a real PBGV”! :))))
That means that we had to come back for the Best in Show the next day. This was judged by
Mrs. Besoff (Australia). And in the end Paddy became

7th BEST IN SHOW out of 2200 dogs!!!!!!!!!!

A fantastic show!!
Here are some pics, a video will follow.

“American & Luxemburg Champion Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy SV” wins the champion class bitches…

…becomes Best Bitch…

…and Best of Breed!

And she also won Best of Group!!!!!!!
With this result she’s also invited for the Dog of the Year competition!

Paddy and I before the Best in Show on Sunday.

With her head up high, our little girl showed herself so pretty between all the big dogs!

Paddy had a good time!

On her way to…

7th BEST IN SHOW out of 2200 dogs!!
We are so, so proud!

Hunting test at Grathem
8 October 2011

On Saturday 8 October my parents went with Paddy & Apres to an official
hunting test on rabbit at Grathem (The Netherlands). Judges were Mr. Feijen (NL), Mr. Denayer (B) and Mr. Rousseau (FR). And hard working gives his reward, because….

Apres got her official hunting test “Brevet de Chasse”!!!!

That means that she may add B.C. behind her name. A Brevet de Chasse is THE OFFICIAL hunting certificate for this breed!! This is where the breed is for!
We are very proud of both girls, because according the judges they both showed really good work at such young ages and the fact that this was their first time. Paddy showed magnificent work by hunting a fox. She even got applause of the judges for the beautiful spectacle, because hunting a fox is very difficult. However, she didn’t get points for it, because this was a hunting on rabbit. Nevertheless, the judges saw lots of qualities in her and they hope we would come back!
Furthermore, I’m very proud of my parents, who love it to train and hunt with the girls!

My parents with Après & Paddy

Search and find… (Après IS in this picture…)

And in the end Après got her official “Brevet de Chasse”!!!


International show Zwolle
2 October 2011

Our ‘homeshow’ in Zwolle (NL) was at Sunday 2 October. At this international
show were 6 PBGVs entered. Paddy won 1EXC championclass – CAC/CACIB – Best Bitch!!!!!
Judge was breed specialist Barbara Müller (Switzerland).
This was Paddy’s first show in the Netherlands and right away a great result!!

American & Luxemburg Champion Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy Sv

At the table

She shows her pretty head :))

A ‘private conversation’ …. you’ll probably understand that I’m very proud of my white princess!


Shooting test Merselo
10 September 2011

On saturday 10 September my parents went with Paddy & Après to Merselo (Netherlands).
There was the shooting test organized. The dogs need to pass this test, so they can participate in official hunting tests in the Netherlands. When they pass this test it means that they are not afraid for the shot of a gun.
Judge was Mr. Feijen (NL) and both girls passed the test!!!!
That means that they may add “Sv” behind their name.
I want to thank my parents for their good job!!! Super!!

Championnat de France and World Dog Show Paris
9 and 10 July 2011

The World Dog Show was this year in Paris. The same weekend was also the
Championnat de France organized. Jan Zigich, the breeder of Paddy, came over from the USA and stayed for a week here. We have had so much fun and we have also been to Paris together. I had Paddy and Après for the Championnat entered. Judge was Mr. Gilles (FR), and he gave both girls ‘excellent’.
For the Worldshow I had only Paddy entered. Judge was Mr. Genichon, a French breed specialist, and he gave Paddy 4EXC in the championclass bitches!
Here is a picture of Paddy, made by Dogs Photography.

Clubshow Club du Griffon Vendéen des Pays-Bas
19 June 2011

For this yearly event of the Dutch Club I had only Après entered.
She made me proud again by winning the openclass bitches with 1EXC!!!
Judge was breedspecialist Mr. Wauben (NL). Despite the bad weather it was a very nice day!

Apretje does a great job again :)))

And shows that she is definitely a ‘mover’…wonderful!!!

Europasieger and FCI-Jahrhundertsieger show Dortmund
6 and 7 May 2011

It’s already a while ago, but 6 and 7 May I’ve been to Dortmund (DE) with Paddy & Après. On Friday 6 May was the Europasieger show and there were 9 PBGVs entered.
Après got 2EXC in the openclass bitches and Paddy won the championclass with 1EXC, became
r.Best Bitch and got the R.CAC/R.CACIB! Judge was Mr. Beyersdorf (Germany).
On Saturday was the FCI-Jahrhundertsieger show and Paddy won again the championsclass bitches with 1EXC, but now Après was r.Best Bitch and got the R.CAC/R.CACIB!! Judge was Mr. Engh (Norway).
I don’t have pictures as I was alone, but I’ve got this picture below from Ulla Müller. Thanks!!

Après and I waiting in the ring

And I found this picture of Paddy in a German newspaper!!
The article was about the show at Oldenburg of 9 and 10 April 2011.
Judge Mr. Wauben (NL) is judging Paddy.

Double show Oldenburg (Germany)
9 & 10 April 2011

I had entered Après & Paddy for both days, with fantastic results!!!
On Saturday Après wins the open class with 1EXC and became bitch! Paddy took 1EXC championclass, Best Bitch and Best of Breed!!
On Sunday it was the opposite: Paddy became bitch and Après best bitch, Best of Breed and………….
BEST OF GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!! (1600 dogs entered)

Wowwww!!! We are so proud and happy!!!
We would like to thank the judge of Saturday, Mrs. Yerusalimskaya (Rusland), and the judges of Sunday, Mr. Wauben (NL) and Mr. Christensen (Denmark).

International show Luxemburg
27 March 2011

Before we went to the show in Luxemburg on Sunday, we’ve been to the ophthalmologist on Saturday with Paddy & Après for the eye examination, including gonioscopy. Both girls passed the test and they are ECVOable, including gonio!!! That was for me the most important thing of the weekend, but the ladies thought different and did also really great on the show.. :))))

Paddy became Luxemburg Champion and Après got 2EXC open class bitches, RCACL – RCACIB and became bitch!!!

Fantastic eye examinations, great results at the show and a lot of fun with friends.
What a wonderful weekend!

Paddy is ready for it…

And on her way to her new champion title!!

Aprètje did great too :))
As you’ll probably understand, I’m extremely proud of them!!!

Pics made by Kirsi Korhonen. Thank you!

Haaaappy Birthday Après, 2 years old!
5 February 2011

Après in party costume!
She celebrated her birthday with Paddy & Idéale, and even opened her presents by herself!