Christmas 2013

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2014!
F.l.t.r.: Puzzle, Paddy, Legend, Snowy, Après & Junior

International Show & Winner Show Amsterdam
13 and 15 December 2013

Besides the yearly Winner Show at Amsterdam, which this year fell on Sunday 15 December,
there was also a one day all breed International Show at Amsterdam, at Friday the 13th.
Paddy & Junior were entered for both days.

At the one day all breed international show:
Paddy 1EXC championclass bitches – CACIB/res.CAC – res. Best Bitch!!
Junior 1EXC juniorclass males – juniorCAC – Best Junior Of Breed – Best Male – CAC and BEST OF BREED!!!!
Junior went a step further and in the group he won BEST OF GROUP 3!!!
Also in the juniorgroup he was selected!!
Breedjudge was Mr. Graham Hill and groupsjudge was Mr. Denis Kuzelj.

On Sunday again to Amsterdam, this time for the Winner Show, the biggest show of the Netherlands:
Paddy 2EXC championclass bitches – res.CACIB
And Junior did it again…. 1EXC juniorclass males – juniorCAC – Best Junior of Breed – Best Male – CAC and BEST OF BREED!!!!!!!!!! With this our young man takes 3 new titles home:

Dutch Junior Champion
Junior Winner 2013
Winner 2013

In only 3 shows he wins 3 JuniorCAC’s and 5 CAC’s!!! He is only 13 months old,
has already enough points towards his adult championship too but has to wait until he is 27 months old….

In the juniorgroup were over 80 dogs, and Junior was selected in the last 6 best junior dogs….!!!
Breedjudge was Mr. Steven Seymour and juniorgroupjudge was Mrs. Ricky Lochs-Romans.

Sooooo proud and happy with Paddy & Junior! Paddy just had her litter of 5 puppies, when she was at the show her pups were only 14 weeks young, and she feeded them until age of 8 weeks! And Junior, only 13 months young and already such amazing results…WOW!!!

Friday: Junior BOB & BOG3!!!!!

Paddy is looking wonderful after her litter!

And also on Sunday Junior wins Best of Breed!!!

Junior: Junior Winner 2013, Winner 2013 & Dutch Junior Champion!!!!

Pictures made by Kynoweb, Paul & Jorgen. Thank you so much!!

Puppies van Après & Sid 1 year!
15 November 2013

At 15 November the puppies of Après & Sid became already 1 year young.
Dirk, Tommy, Abel, Simba, Puzzle & Junior, dear all, happy birthday!!
Many more healthy & happy years!!!
At the pic f.l.t.r.: Junior, Après & Puzzle. Thanks sis,, for the lovely pic!

Shooting test 2013
9 oktober 2013

Wednesday 9 October my parents have been to the shooting test with Simba, Puzzle & Junior.
The test was organized by the NFBC at Someren-Heide. It’s a test to see if the dog isn’t afraid for the shot of a gun. They need this to participate on Dutch huntings.
They passed the test all 3!!!! This means they add “Sv” behind their names.
Many thanks mom and dad, supersupersuper!!!

My parents together with Après, the proud mother of the 3!!!

Puppy reunion of Sid’s and Après’
15 September 2013

Sunday 15 September was the puppy reunion of Sid’s and Après’ puppies.
They were exactly 10 months young at that day. Still in the growing and development phase of their lifes, they are still very young. But super nice to see them all again!
The whole litter was complete, super!! They are all beautiful, sweet and sooo cheerful!
It makes me truely happy and proud, to see how happy the owners and the ‘puppies’ are with each other.
Thank you dear all for coming, it was soooo much fun to see you all again!
And a special thank you to my sweet mom, who stayed at home to watch for the little ones.
Watch and enjoy!

Simba, the little man of my parents, is a real cuddle!

All together

First it’s mom’s Après her turn, under the watchfull eye of the puppies and their owners

The kids have to wait a little more…

Then it’s Simba’s turn

Mommy Après watches her pretty kids


Abel charmed the judge!

Dirk at the table

Tommy was excited!

also Tommy at the table


The only girl between all her brothers…Puzzle




Dirk and Abel try to safe Junior from his brushing :-)))

Groupspic of the litter. From left to right:
Simba, Dirk, mom Après, Junior, Puzzle, Tommy & Abel.
What a beautiful family!

There is a special connection between Après and me…
Pres, I’m super, super, super proud of you!!! ❤

The puppies of Magnum and Paddy, born 7 september 2013

The proud parents, left Magnum and right Paddy

Yesterday, 7 September 2013, Paddy gave life to 5 beautiful pups!
It are 3 males and 2 females.
The puppies are all about 300 gram. Everything goes great with Paddy and her kids.
Paddy is a real mom and gives her puppies everything they need! 🙂
Proud father of the puppies is “Around No Problems”, also named “Magnum”.
A gorgeous dog, with a whole list of championtitles, but he is also a fantastic hunting dog
and he has a beautiful character!
Thanks a lot Annicka & Iva, for this wonderful opportunity to use Mr. Handsome!!

Both parents are tested for hereditary eye diseases and gonioscopy.

International show Geneva and Eurodogshow 2013
29 and 31 August 2013

End of August I’ve been to Switzerland together with my dad and Après & Junior.
There was the international show and Eurodogshow organized at Geneva.
At the int. show Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid “Junior” got 1EXC – Beste Male – Best Junior of Breed – and….
His mom Aaltje von Kiepenkerl’s Kotten “Après” got 2EXC.
Breedjudge was mevr. Kavcic (SL) and groupjudge was Dhr. Homem de Mello (PT).
Thank you so much!!
At the eurodogshow Junior wins again the juniorclass with 1EXC. Après got 2VG in the working class.

Beside the show we have visited the beautiful environment of Annecy in France. Also some pics of that.
Thanks dad, for the great and fun days!!

Après, my sweetheart ❤

Junior, my little beautiful man, on his way to….


After the show at the outside area it’s time for some fun!!

At a beautiful waterfall in Annecy, but to be honest I thought it was a bit too high….. 😉

❤ Mother & Son ❤

Pretje at the lake of Annecy

What a beautiful name!!! 😉

The old town of Annecy, yes….a very pretty place to spent time!


International show Rotterdam (NL) 2013
24 August 2013

Saturday 24 August I’ve been to the show at Rotterdam with Junior.
It was the first time in juniorclass for my little boy… just 9 months and 1 week young.
Judge was Mr. Hans Boelaars.
Junior won the juniorclass with 1EXC – JuniorCAC – Res. Best Male – RCAC.
So proud of my young boy!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid – “Junior”

Clubmatch Club du Griffon Vendéen des Pays-Bas
16 June 2013

sunday 16 April we’ve been to the Dutch specialty.
Judge was Mr. Rutten (NL).
It was beautiful weather and we had great results!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid – Junior: 1st Very Promising, Best Puppy of Breed & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!

Aaltje von Kiepenkerl’s Kotten – Après (Junior’s mom): back-to-back in the showring after her litter of 6 beautiful pups, with
1st Excellent workingclass bitches, BEST HUNTING DOG OF BREED & Res. Best HUNTINGDOG OF SHOW!!!

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy – Paddy: 1st Excellent championclass bitches, Res. BEST BITCH & RCAC!!!

I’m soooo proud of them all! Also of little Puzzle who joined us and behaved as the best supporter :-))
I really loved it to see Rob & Ans with Tommy and Franciska with Abel again, it’s great to see the little ones being happy with their owners!
Everybody thanks for a lovely day!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid – Junior on the mouvvvv :-))))
Pic: Martin Cordes

I love you, my little friend!
Pic: Martin Cordes


Junior is a real Petit of 7 months, boink boink, so standing still is not really something for him 😉 …..
Pic: Martin Cordes

Junior: Give me a hand too!

Aaltje von Kiepenkerl’s Kotten – Après
My best friend ❤
Pic: Martin Cordes

Après loved it so much to be back in the ring,
that she couldn’t stop wagging her tail!

…and wagging!

Pretje isn’t fully back in coat yes since her litter.
She is the mother of Junior, his sister Puzzle and their other brothers.

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy – Paddy, my little white princess, so sweet!

Paddy, in the background, in the championclass bitches

Paddy 1EXC championclass bitches!

Après and Paddy during the best bitch judging.
Pic: Rob & Ans Polman

Best bitch judging
Pic: Rob & Ans Polman

Paddy wins res. Best Bitch & RCAC!!!

My beautiful little girl, I’m so proud of her!
Pic: Martin Cordes

Little Puzzle was there to support her mom Après, brother Junior
and best friend Paddy. Isn’t she sweet?!
Pic: Martin Cordes

Abel & Tommy, 2 brother of the litter of Après and Sid were there too.
Franciska and Rob & Ans, thanks for coming
It makes me happy to see the little boys being happy with you!

Tommy, Puzzle, Paddy & Junior enjoying a bone 🙂

International show Goes
21 April 2013

Sunday 21 april we’ve been to the int. dogshow at Goes (NL) with Paddy & Junior.
Judge was Mrs. A.C.M. Kersbergen (NL).

Paddy did it again!! She won again the championclass bitches with 1EXC and became Best Bitch – CAC – CACIB!!!

It was little Junior’s very first show. I was very excited to see how he would do…
But he liked it a lot, got 1st Very Promising and became Best Baby of Breed.
the judge wrote about him: “Very attractive young male. I would like to give him 1VP”.
In the mainring Juni became….

Woowww!! So proud!! My first own bred Petit, and then this super result at his first show!
And also Paddy again, my little topper!

Junior with his first cup!

A topteam, Junior & Paddy


Hunting test at Mol (B) 2013
2 March 2013

It’s already a while ago, but definitely worth to mention!
Saturday 2 march my parents have been to the hunting test at Mol, Belgium.
Après got again a BREVET DE CHASSE! She already had one in the Netherlands
but now also one in Belgium. She participated on 2 tests in total and got a
Brevet de Chasse both times!
Thanks a lot sweet dad and sweet mom, you are awesome!

Après in her party dress, proudproudproud!!!
(of course she didn’t look like this in the fields 😉 )