International dogshow Groningen (NL)

5 March 2017


Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid: 1EXC champion class males – res Best Male – rCAC/rCACIB!

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy: 1exc veteran class bitches/vetCAC – res. Best Bitch/rCAC  – Best Veteran of Breed and…..

Paddy wins BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of many, many veterans! Super happy and proud!! What an unforgettable moment and win!!
Breedjudge was mr. Muldoon (IRE) and BISveteran judge was mr. Hiddes (NL).

Paddy winning BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!!


Best In Show Veteran! Picture made by Kynoweb.

Hunting test Mol (Belgium)

4 March 2017

At the hunting test in Mol, Belgium, my parents had another very successfull day! Après took her 9th BREVET DE CHASSE home!! (Out of 9 tests!) Her son Simba got another BREVET DE CHASSE as well!

Aaltje von Kiepenkerl’s Kotten: 140 points
Le Mouv’ Simba’s Pride: 130 points

Judges were Mr. Gillis and Mr. Nargaud. Many thanks to Luc and Marleen van Broeckhoven for facilitating the hunting grounds.
And of course a big thank you mom and dad for giving them the best home I could wish for and doing such an awesome job with them!

International dogshow Weelde (Belgium)

26 February 2017

At the international dogshow in Weelde, Belgium:

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 1EXC champion class males – CAC/CACIB – Best Male and BEST OF BREED!! His crowning point to become a brand new INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION!!
On top of it…

Legend wins 4th BEST OF GROUP!!

Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle: 1EXC champion class bitches – CAC/CACIB – Best Bitch!

Judge was mr. Hehir (IRE). Pictured is Legend, pic made by Karl Donvil.
Needless to say how proud I am!

Legend winning Best of Breed and 4th Best Of Group at the international dogshow Weelde!

Indoor Houndshow Germany

19 February 2017

Wonderful start of the new show year at the indoor houndshow in Germany organised by CCF Laufhunde Verein and German Basset Hound Club.

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 1EXC champion class males – CAC – Best Male – BOS!!!
Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy: 2EXC veteran class bitches

Together mother and son were for the first time in the brace class and won BEST IN SHOW BRACE!!

Judge was mrs. Margrit Martegani (CZ).
Many thanks to Daniela Grabenschweiger for the pictures!


Christmas 2017


Amsterdam Winner Show

11 December 2016

Very proud to share that Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy won the VETERAN WINSTER 2016 title and the vet-CAC at the Amsterdam Winner Show!
Judge was specialist and breeder himself mr. Gunnar Nymann (Denmark).
Picture is from the summer where paddy won European Veteran Winster 2016.

paddy vw16.jpg
♥ My little American Princess! ♥

European Dogshow 2016

26 August 2016

The European Dogshow 2016 was held in Brussel (Belgium). Judge was mr. Favre (France).

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy became brand new:

◊ Best of Breed Veteran ◊
◊ Benelux Veteran Winster ◊

So very proud of my girl who rocked the ring again after long time not being shown! First time in the veteran class, what a great start!!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior) got a nice 2EXC in the champion class!

Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy winning the Veteran Class Bitches and the                      EUROPEAN VETERAN WINSTER title!!

Our dogs in the national Dutch magazine “Hondenmanieren”

April/May 2016


In the 4th edition of the famous national Dutch dog magazine “Hondenmanieren” were some of my dogs shining in the breed portrait of the PBGV. Many thanks to Ria van Middelaar-Froma for the beautiful pictures of my dogs and this wonderful opportunity! I’m so proud!

International dogshow CAC/CACIB Lingen (Germany)

24 April 2016

At the international dogshow in Lingen we had another succesfull show with Junior!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior):

BEST OF BREED and on top of it also
BEST OF GROUP 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mr. Schepers and Mr. Deutscher!

German Specialty organized by CCF Laufhunde Verein

17 April 2016

Finally the first show for us this year! We had a little break because of the puppyfun in our house. I only went with Junior to the German Specialty, organized by the CCF Laufhunde Verein, a clubshow for all French Hound breeds. And what a fab start of the new show year!

Junior did it again….just like last year!!
Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid: Best Male, BEST OF BREED, Clubwinner’16 and….


Woooohoooooo!!! Unbelievable, 2 years in a row!! And 3rd year in a row he is winning BOB!
I’m extremely proud of my boy!
Many thanks to the judge Mr. Klemann (DE) for the lovely words about my boy! His report started with: “Excellent breed representative, who is on the right place in the Champion Class” !

Again a very well organized show, thank you CCF!
Pictures made by Kirsi Korhonen, Marc Denis and Ursula Cantz. Thank you!

Junior winning Best of Breed!
Winning BEST IN SHOW!!!!
Soooo proud of my boy!

Meet sweet Magic!

4 March 2016

Meet Le Mouv’ Must be Magic! She is the sweetest girl of proud parents Junior and Paddy (Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid X Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy).
Paddy has been horribly attacked by some dangerous and aggressive dog when she was 2 weeks pregnant. 1 little girl stayed fortunately, and here she is! She is born on 24 January 2016 and is lucky to have Puzzle’s puppies to play with, some kind of ‘big brothers and sisters’ to her 🙂 At the picture 4 weeks young. Pic is made by my sister Michelle Kruize HVphotography, thanks sis, you’re the best!!


Westminster 2016

15 February 2016

We got awesome news from the Westminster Dogshow in New York City, one of the largest and most prestigious dogshows in USA!!

Le Mouv’ Mirepoix All About My Mother (Maggie):


Wooohoooo!!!! I’m absolutely thrilled!!!! And soooo proud of Maggie & Jan!!
She is shown by Taylor Schwartz, well done Taylor!
Judge was Mrs. Barbara G. Pepper (USA).
Maggie is out of our litter of    Around No Problems   X  Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy.

GRAND USA CHAMPION Le Mouv’ Mirepoix All About My Mother

We have puppies!
15 January 2016

Click here to follow them on the puppypage!
Proud parents are….


Holland Cup Show and the Winner Show Amsterdam (NL)
11 and 13 December 2015

2 days of shows in Amsterdam. For the first show, the Holland Cup Show, I had Legend entered.

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 2EXC openclass male – RCAC/RCACIB – res. Best Male!
This is the last point for him to become brand new DUTCH CHAMPION!!!! At the very young
and wonderful age of just 27 months and 2 days!!! (For Dutch CH a dog has to be 27 months!)
Judge was Mr. Coppens (NL).

For the Amsterdam Winner Show I had Junior entered.
Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid: 1EXC Champion class males – RCAC/RACIB – res. Best Male!
Judge was Mr. Hiddes (NL).

I’m so proud of my boys!

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend DUTCH CHAMPION! On the picture here week before at the show in Kassel,
where he was a bit too curious to be stacked properly 😉

Double show CAC/CACIB Kassel (Germany)
5 and 6 December 2015

Together with my friend Yvette we have been to the 2 days of shows in Kassel (Germany).
This time I decide to keep it relaxed and only took Legend with me. He is such a joy to show and
he got really nice results for such a young boy!

First day at the national show 5 December:
Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 1EXC – CAC – Best Male – BEST OF BREED!!!
In the group he won BEST IN GROUP 3 !!!
Breedjudge was Mrs. Huber (DE) and groupjudge Mr. Walsh (IRE).

Second day at the international show 6 December:
Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 1EXC – CAC/CACIB – Best Male – BEST OF BREED!!!
Shortlisted in the top 6 in the group!
Breedjudge was Mr. Pohling (DE).

Many thanks to my parents for taking care of the other doggies at home,
and to Franek & Marion for keeping Legend in this wonderful condition and
giving him the best life I could wish for !!

Legend wins BEST IN GROUP 3!

On the move

Proud & cute Lego showing what he won!

International Dogshow CAC/CACIB Bleiswijk (NL)
7 November 2015

For the international dogshow Bleiswijk was Legend once again entered. He hasn’t been shown for a while
so I was very much looking forward to show him again! Also his little sister Snowy was entered, it was her
very first show. She was a little too distracted by everything that was happening around her…
Judge for this show was Mr. Horswell (GB)

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 2EXC open class males, RCAC/RCACIB, res. Best Male
Le Mouv’ Trophy Girl: 2VG open class females

“Le Mouv’ Mirepoix’s All About My Mother” brand new GRAND AMERICAN CHAMPION
October 2015

From the shows in USA we got some F A B U L O U S news!!

Le Mouv’ Mirepoix’s All About My Mother (Maggie) became brand new GRAND AMERICAN CHAMPION!!!!!!!

Maggie is from our second litter, she is out of her beautiful parents Around No Problems X Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy.
She is doing a fantastic job at the shows in USA, winning BOS and BOB at a very young age, including winning group placements
and winning BEST OF GROUP at the show in Des Moines! I’m so proud and excited!
Thank you so much Jan & Ross for doing a great job with her, she is looking fabulous! Thank you for such a nice cooperation!

Le Mouv’ Mirepoix’s All About My Mother on the mouvvv! Her movements are breath taking!

Maggie winning BEST OF GROUP!! Being shown here by Taylor, thank you!


Hunting test at Mol (Belgium)
5 September 2015

For the hunting test my parents did a wonderful job with Après, Simba and Paddy! They all 3 got another BREVET DE CHASSE!!
Aaltje von Kiepenkerl’s Kotten (Après) got her 6th Brevet, out of 6 tests! That is really amazing….so proud of her!
Le Mouv’ Simba’s Pride (Simba) and Mirepoix’s Precocious Paddy (Paddy) both got their 2nd Brevet, out of the 3 tests.
The test was organized by the Belgian Beagle Club. Judges for this day were Mr. Denayer and Mr. Gilles.
Thank you so much mom and dad for your dedication and hard work with the dogs!

Après, Paddy and Simba…dirty and tired but satisfied of a super day in the woods!

Benelux Winner Show CAC/CACIB Luxemburg
29 August 2015

We had a great weekend in Luxemburg! It was already a long time ago, since I have been at the international dogshow in Luxemburg. Last time was
in 2011! This time I took bro and sis and they did awesome 🙂

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior): CACL/CACIB – Best Male – Benelux Winner Lux’15 – Crufts qualified – BEST OF BREED
LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION!!! Selected within the best 6 in the group!!!

Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle (Puzzle): CACL/CACIB – Best Bitch – Benelux Winster Lux’15 – Crufts qualified – BOS –
LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION!!! And on top of that she also finished INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION!!!

Thank you to the judge Mr. Cox (IE).
Many thanks to Kirsi and Marc for the lovely BBQ and evening! It was so much fun!

Junior and Puzzle showing their trophys and rosettes

Junior being judged

Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle on her way to become LUX CH and INT SHOW CH!


Thank you Kirsi for the pictures!

International Dogshow CAC/CACIB Bremen (Germany)
1 August 2015

Another super show for bro and sis!! One to remember for sure…!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior): brand new GERMAN CHAMPION and INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION and on top of that…

Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle (Puzzle): brand new GERMAN CHAMPION!!! By winning the CAC/CACIB – BEST BITCH!

Many thanks to the judges, for the breed Mr. Josef Pohling (DE), group Mr. Erwin Deutscher (AT) and bis Mr. dr. Roberto Schill (RO).
What a great way to finish these champion titles!! There were 2400 dogs entered, I’m so happy and proud and….speechless!!!

Junior winning the breed!

and 3rd BEST IN SHOW!! Happyyyyyy!!!

Thanks Karin van Viersen and Rogér Schielke for the pics!


Dutch Specialty organized by the Club du Griffon Vendéen des Pays-Bas
21 June 2015

The Dutch clubshow this year was a celebration, as the club exists 30 years! It was a lovely weekend
with a barbecue and a very nice atmosphere! Thank you all for the fun and nice time!
Judge for the clubshow was Mrs. A. Combre (FRA).

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid: 2EXC Champion Class Males
Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle: 4EXC Champion Class Females

Later on, Junior and Puzzle at home playing in the garden. Whatcha doing?!

German Specialty organized by the Laufhunde Verein CCF
25 April 2015

What an awesome day for brother and sister at the German Specialty!!!!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior): BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!
Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle (Puzzle): BEST BITCH!!!

Judge was the very well respected Mr. Peper (Germany). Thank you very much!
A big thanks to the German Laufhunde Verein CCF for the super organisation! It was a lovely
day despite all the rain!

Junior Best Male!

His sister Puzzle wins Best Bitch, she is always so much fun to show!

Junior winning Best of Breed

and….BEST IN SHOW!!!!

Pics made by Ursula and Marijke Swierstra, thank you!

International dogshow CAC/CACIB at Antwerpen (Belgium)
19 April 2015

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior): BEST OF BREED and brand new BELGIUM SHOW CHAMPION!!!
He finishes his new title in style by winning BEST IN GROUP 2!!!! What a super boy!!! I’m SO proud!
Many thanks to breed and groupjudge mr. Chris Zeniou (Cyprus)!

Junior new Belgium Show Champion! The judge was so friendly, and wanted to hold his tail!! 🙂

In the mainring, the GBGV and the PBGV

1, 2, .. left foot, right foot!

Junior 2nd BEST IN GROUP!!!

Pics made by Jolanda Huisman & Marlou Könings, thank you!

Super Saturday!! Crufts at Birmingham (UK) and Hunting Test at Mol (Belgium)
7 March 2015

At Crufts I have showed my 2 boys with lovely results. Judge was Mr. Buch (FR).

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend: 4th place in junior class
Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid: 3th place in open class
So happy and proud of both of them!!

The best news this super saturday came from Belgium….!!
My parents have been to the hunting test with the girls Après and Paddy…..
Paddy got her official BREVET DE CHASSE!!! This means she may add B.C. to her name and 2 new champion titles to her very long list….
INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION (C.I.B.) and BELGIUM BEAUTY CHAMPION!!! Champion titles number 8 and 9 for our American princess!!
And these titles are pretty unique in our breed, as not so many dogs do/can both hunt and get great results at the show too!

Many congratulations Jan & Ross, to your first Mirepoix with an official Brevet de Chasse! And many thanks for this stunning girl,
inside and outside!

Après also attented the hunting test (as she always do, Paddy didn’t attent last years) and got her 5th Brevet de Chasse, out of 5 tests!!!!
Unbelievable!! So PROUD!! Judges for the hunting test were mr. Gillis and mr. Denayer.

A BIG thanks to my parents, who are the best parents in the world!! And to Yvette, for the super nice company this weekend!

Legend (l) and Junior (r)

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend on the move

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid on the move

Pics made by Annicka Löfgren and Yvette Poelman-Mulder. Thank you!!

BeNeLux Winner CAC/CACIB at Groningen (NL)
1 March 2015

Wooohoooo!!!! Junior and Puzzle, brother and sister are now DUTCH CHAMPION!!!!!!!
They are from my first litter and now finally old enough to become a champion! Such a special
achievement, I’m a super proud breeder/owner/handler!!
Junior also won the title of Benelux Winner ’15 and BEST OF BREED! Judge was Mrs. Ricky Lochs-Romans. Thank you!

Le Mouv’ Sid the Kid (Junior) – DUTCH CHAMPION – Benelux Winner ’15 and BEST OF BREED!
Pic made by Yvette Poelman-Mulder.

Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle – DUTCH CHAMPION! (pic is from last summer)

….But most of the time they enjoy being a real dog in my household 🙂
Brother and sister last January, snow shoveling…it’s all in the family!

International dogshow CAC/CACIB at Eindhoven (NL)
7 February 2015

First show of the new year for us, with a super start!
Judge was Mr. Trumphfeller (GER).

Le Mouv’ I Am Legend – 1EXC open class – Best Male – CAC/CACIB – BEST OF BREED!!!
Le Mouv’ Fuzzle Puzzle – 1EXC open class – Best Bitch – CAC/CACIB!!

Legend winning BOB, 17 months young 🙂 Love this boy, he’s beautiful inside and outside!
Thank you Kynoweb for the picture!