DOB: 7-9-2013  |  BREEDER & OWNER: K.G. KRUIZE
Link to pedigree
start_legend* Dutch Champion
* Dutch Junior Champion
* German Junior Champion
* Bundesjugendsieger '14
* Best Puppy in Show

* Passed the shooting test for hunting

Legend is full of fun and adventure! He has a very open and great personality. He loves to play with all kind of dogs, loves to swim, to roll in the mud…He just loves everything as long as it’s not boring!

Legend is a natural talent in the showring. He loves all the attention!
He became Dutch Champion at the age of 27 months and 2 days!! (a dog has to be 27 months)
He won in limited showing Best Puppy in Show, several BOB’s and champion titles. Excited what his future will bring!

Show pictures

Legend on the move

Winning BEST OF BREED and BEST OF GROUP3 at the international dogshow Kassel (DE)

Another Best of Breed at the international dogshow Eindhoven, 17 months

Best of Breed at the age of 15 months at the international dogshow in Cuijk

13 months

Baby Lego!! Here he won Best Puppy in Show!


He loves to be a pig!

Puzzle is his best friend!

1 meter tongue

Swimming is also one of his fav things to do!

Who’s stronger..

Legend won….SMILE!

Yiha! Funny Leggy!

What a sweetie!

I want to swim! I want to swim!

Who’s there…?

Splash splash!


Legend and Puzzle love each other so much that it hurts 😀

Posing for 1 year birthday…booooring!!


During holidays at Germany

Good night…

Puppy pictures

Baby Legend, only 3 weeks!

Just 5 weeks old, and already friends with Puzzle!

Little helper in the kitchen!

The 3 brothers, Legend on the right!

Where’s the water?

6 weeks old

7 weeks

Playing with Simba!

Naughty? … But also very beautiful .. 🙂