26-11-2000  /  10-10-2014

* Passed the shooting test for hunting

Our sweet Idéale is 13,5 years old. She’s still on the educational task
and keeps the Petits to the heel!




We sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved Idéale. Our one and only GBGV. She came to us at the age of 3,5 yrs and we were lucky to have her in our lives. She was always present with her beautiful bark and pretty smile on her face. She teached us people, and also all the PBGVs many life lessons.
The emptiness she left is heart breaking. We are devastated.

When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change,
Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while,
Cause girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.

Goodbye sweet, sweet Idéale. Now you are with Diesel again. A very big hug to you both..
We miss you… Until we meet again…



She’s a sweetheart…

Playing with Diesel

Sometimes she makes herself a bit smaller, that’s fair isn’t it?;-))

In the summer

Jaal makes herself a lovely bed, with a pillow and all….

Jaal and me, winter of 2009

Puppy pictures

As we got Idéale at the age of 3,5 years, we didn’t know her when she was a puppy. But here are some pics!

Just born, Idéale lies on top.

Enjoying mothers milk.

Idéale beside her mothers head.

Not awake yet…
(2½ weeks)

Oef, here I am, with 2,5 weeks, but the life of a puppy is quite…yawn….tiring….

Just 3 weeks old!

Gucci                     Maxim
Idéale                     Guilotte

What a little teddy bear!
(4 weeks)

Self-willed? Me?!!
(4 weeks)

Idéale didn’t want to eat with her littermates (too busy with other things!), so she got her food separated from the others.

Also beside her private bowl!

The sisters; Idéale en Guilotte.

What a cutie-pie!
(6/7 weeks)

Little girls grow up…Idéale is here 1 year old!
In the middle her mother Idem-Dito and on the right her father Magnifique.



Idéale hasn’t the ‘ideal’ looks for a Grand Basset. The times she went along to a show she did not bad. She always
got “Excellent”, despite one judge who gave her “Very Good”.
The ‘hardest’ thing for me is that Idéale likes shows a lot. At her last show she became Best of Breed and even 3rd in the group!
I thought that was a nice end for her “show career”.

That face…it’s so much fun to show her!

Jaal at the Belgian Hound Show and the clubshow of the Dutch club



Ned & Int. Kamp. Magnifique du Relais Margot BC
Junior du Moulin de Serre-Fontaine
Hercule de l’Echo de la Sucharde
Florette du Moulin de Serre Fontain
Flute des Petites Brosses
Votour des Petites Brosses
Urraca des Petites Brosses
Ned & Int. Kamp. Idem-Dito van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes JW’94 EK.F.C.I.’95
Jules Jaseur du Greffier du Roi
Kamp. Dampierre Du Greffier du Roi
Kamp. Halou Baba Du Greffier du Roi
Farandole du Roc de Deymier
Cesar du Roc de Deymier
Altesse du Roc de Deymier


Idéale had a litter before she came to us. Here she’s taking care of her son Honneur.
Pic: Anouk Huikeshoven

3 generations in the snow, February 2004: f.l.t.r. mother Idem-Dito, father Magnifique,
Idéale and her son Honneur!
Pic: Anouk Huikeshoven

This is Idéale’s grandmother, Flute.
Pic: Marc Bouvet